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There are so many helpful websites and resources out there that I want to share with you my thoughts, opinions and recommendations with you. Choose a category from the menu below or just scroll down to browse.

bullet Learning Japanese
bullet Shopping for Japanese Books/Japan Related Goods
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Learning Japanese

Japanese For Everybody
Actually, I wasn’t a fan of this text book to begin with, but it has grown on me. I think at the very start you will need another textbook or use websites to help you out a bit as it does seem a bit overwhelming, and you feel like it isn’t explaining enough about the grammar points. Once you are a couple of chapters in, you realise that it isn’t moving as quick as you thought it was and that it does describe most things – the rest you will work out from doing the exercises. It doesn’t spell everything out to you, which can be a minus, but it does mean more space is spent on exercises and example sentences from which you will work out by yourself – which is probably overall a better method. I’m currently half way through this textbook and have learnt oodles of grammar points, more than what is in one book of Genki (another textbook I love, and originally loved more but I think JFE has won me over).


Pimsleur: Japanese I
Basically The Pimsleur Course is 30 mp3 lessons of about 30 minutes each. Each lesson begins with a short dialogue in Japanese. Following on from that you are asked questions and you respond in Japanese. You are mostly prompted as what to say in English. There will follow a pause, then a Japanese native speaker will say the correct response. There is then another pause for you to repeat what was said, and again the Japanese speaker repeats what was said. I’m finding it a great way to get speaking. Of course you are going to be far from fluent when the course is over, but it’s a great start. It’s good that you do not simply parot what is said but have to actively think yourself as to what to say.
bullet My Pimsleur Japanese I Review


verbs The Handbook of Japanese Verbs
A Kodansha Dictionary
by Taeko Kamiya
This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend for everyone learning the Japanese language. It is a dictionary so it is a great reference book. However, it explain things clearly so that understanding verbs and how they conjugate can be easily understood. Not only that, each section has exercises so that you can apply what you have learnt. Oh, and it’s a good source of verbs and sentences that you can input into your flash card program.
bullet Read My Handbook of Japanese Verbs Review


Jpod 101 Highly Recommended
JapanesePod101.com is a podcast that teaches Japanese in a very fun and relaxed way. It’s great because it’s up to date and you can learn the way Japanese people actually talk today. There are various levels, from those who are travelling to the country and want some survival phrases, newbie’s (absolute beginners to the language), beginners, and intermediate… and then bridging courses to get you off beginner into intermediate.



Shopping for Japanese Books/Japan Related Goods

Japanese Textbooks, Grammar and Kanji books at The Japan Shop
The Japan Shop, my favourite store for Japanese related products. I love the personal feel of the service, and my orders arrive so quickly. You can also read the owner, Clay’s blog. Much recommended!


Study Japanese with help from J-List!
J List is a great website where you can buy a lot of Japanese related products. In particular it can be a great resource for text books.



Anime/Entertainment/Random Japan Websites/Stuff

yesasia Yes Asia
A great place to buy Japanese dramas, movies, music – with an English version of the site so we can all understand it.




Blogging and Internet Related

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint
The Blog Profits Blueprint is a free ebook that you can download. It has many fantastic tips for improving your website. I have gone on to join the Blog Mastermind program, hopefully my website can improve even further from this experience.
bullet Why I’m apart of Blog Mastermind

If you aren’t browsing with Google FireFox, then there is something wrong with you! Firefox is fantastic, with tabbed browsing, extensions… Firefox rocks and it’s free.


Text Link Ads Text Link Ads
A great resource for those bloggin to either make some money or to advertise their site. I’m going to try both, and I’ll let you know how it goes. I want to make money on this site so that I can put it back into my site… I have ideas such as competitions that I’d like to run, but as a student I don’t have the money. Hopefully with TLA I’ll be able to make a bit of money to make this site even better for you the reader.

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