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Learning Japanese

I am currently building this website so that it is a solid background/introduction into learning Japanese. Not just structure, vocab, the writing system, but also language learning strategies and more. And this page is the hub of it all.

Current Series: The Very Begininng
bullet Is Nihongo Right For You?
bullet Your Learning Style


bullet Is Nihongo Right For You?
bullet Learning A Language
bullet Speaking Like Yoda – Japanese Sentence Structure
bullet Learning Vocabulary: jMemorize
bullet Remembering the Kanji



bullet Learning to Read and Write Hiragana
Step by step on learning Hiragana – a must for every Japanese language student.
bullet Basic Sentence Structures
A short series on the first sentence structures and vocabulary for absolute beginners. Get your first taste of Japanese here!



bullet Free Vocab File Download – 875 words
bullet Japanese Vocabulary
bullet Pimsleur Japanese I Review
bullet Kanji Websites



bullet One to Ten in Japanese
bullet How Old Are You In Japanese?

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