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Japanese Drama Reviews

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Drama Reviews

bambino Bambino!
Staring my Japanese Boyfriend, Matsumoto Jun. This drama is about Ban, a chef in a small restaurant who comes to Tokyo to become an even better chef. Lots of Jun-gawking ensures.


dragon zakura Dragon Zakura
Sakuragi, an ex bikey gang member and now a washed up lawyer, tries to get five idiots into Tokyo University. There’s a few good study tips and strategies but not much else. Thankfully there is also my doofus to keep me entertained. starstarstar


Hana Kimi Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Mizuki travels all the way from America and dresses as a boy to get Sano, her idol, to start high jumping again. Lots of masculinity. And by masculinity I do mean man boobs and man kiss. Nakatsu steals the show. Funny + romance = fantastic


liar game Liar Game
Nao, an irritatingly trusting girl accidently joins the Liar Game – a game of deception where you are given 100 million yen and must steal some one else’s 100 million yen. Nao can’t even lie let alone deceive someone out of their money. Enter Akiyama, a guy who is intelligent, hot, needs a hair cut, and an expert at stealing people’s money. He helps Nao through each round and some how has enough patience not to knock her out. This show actually grew on me a bit, it was self aware and sometimes amusing.


Nanokakan Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
Papa and Daughter, after a tragic train accident, somehow switch bodies. The daughter inside the father’s body is really funny. However, the father in the daughter’s body isn’t as great, and the main storyline of the daughter doing her father’s job feels lacking. It started off strong but didn’t quite make it there in the end. starstarstar


proposal daisakusen Proposal Daisakusen
Ken is at the wedding of his childhood friend, Rei. Except he is not the Groom, something he deeply regrets. So when an angel/fairy/thing comes along and gives him a chance to re-live his life through the photo slide show they are playing, Ken jumps at the chance to redo his life and make Rei his. A really deep yet comedic drama that I love. starstarstarstarstar


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