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October 2007

Goddess Carlie Newsletter

Why Konichiwa There

I don’t pretend to make sense… If you can’t view this in all it’s prettiness, come to the webpage. Come to it anyway and leave some feedback!

Hana Kimi Drinking Game

First I want to say that my Hana Kimi Drinking Game, something I was planning and looking forward to for weeks, was a total faliure. We made the mistake of deciding at the last minute to shot every time either Sano, Mizuki and Nakatsu were topless… So of course in the first episode all three are topless. It was a stupid mistake, and let’s just say that due me passing out (and maybe throwing up) we didn’t make it past episode 3. It was very stupid. Next time we are going to be more responsible (heh) and only sip, no shots! I think it will be funnier that way, and we will get all the way through. I’m looking forward to the Hana Kimi Drinking Game Take 2, which wont be happening til around November! It can’t come quick enough for me.

Fantastic Posts of September 2007

Summer of Dramas!!!

I’m excited about something else comming up soon. On the 25th of October I have finished uni for the year (besides an exam mid November), and while that is really only mid Spring (oh, OK, autumn for all you northern folk), it will be the start of my Summer of Dramas!! It’s going to be great! It will give me a chance to finish off reviewing the dramas I’ve started but haven’t had a chance to finish, like Bambino, Liar Game, etc etc. And it will give me a chance to review the dramas I’ve already seen. It will also give me the chance to watch and review some new dramas. This is where you come in. Go to this month’s newsletter page and leave me a comment with some dramas you would love me to watch and review.

Most Searched Terms

Last newsletter I aimed to get searched for “sexy midgets on roller skates”. Unfortunately I didn’t use this phrase nearly enough (I know, I’m slack) and so have yet to be found on a search engine for any cool/humorous words. For September, the top searches have been:

  1. ikenai taiyou lyrics
  2. liar game
  3. matsuda shota
  4. ikuta toma
  5. oguri shun

I promise to strive harder to get funnier search terms. What this blog needs is more sexiness anyway.

Month Of Grammar Points

While watching all these dramas I should be studying so I will be posting a Month of Grammar Points from 19th October ish onwards. I’ll be doing a chapter of Japanese For Everyone a week. About halfway through I’ll post up my Anki file because I know a lot of people would like it. Hopefully those who are around my level will find it helpful and those who are not – well, that’s why I’m going to be posting about the grammar points so everyone can get up to speed.

Hana Kimi vs Hana Yori Dango – Goddess Carlie’s Smackdown!



I’m sure you’ve already voted in this months Smackdown, but just incase, here it is! New one coming soon… once I try and work out what the next one will be… I mean, once one of the shows has a larger and more conclusive lead.

Recommend Me Some Magazines!

I’ve decided I want to subscribe to some Japanese magazines, so I can scan some things in for your enjoyment and also to hopefully improve my reading skills. Is there any magazines you would recommend or would like me to subscribe to? I’m thinking I will subscribe to three in total. Please come to the secret Newsletter page and recommend some to me!!


Is still in progress. Hopefully it will be ready by Christmas, if not, by my birthday definitely!

Until Next Time

あとでね. I hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter!

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