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What is GoddessCarlie.com?

GoddessCarlie.com is a blog aimed at those interested in Japanese Dramas, the Japanese Language, or anything to do with Japan. You will find:

Everything and anything to do with the Japanese Language. I am myself learning the language, and I talk about my progress, the methods I use as well as talk about what I’m learning. I aim for this website to be the only website you need to access to learn Japanese; from explanations of grammar, to reading practise, to language learning strategies. You can check out these posts in the Japanese Category.

Japanese Drama Reviews. I aim to review as many dramas as possible! Either check my reviews either by the date they were posted or sorted by series. The ratings are out of five. starstarstarstarstar

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Can’t read the にほんご on your computer? Does the Japanese writing come up as little squares? Please install East Asian Languages to read me!

Who Is Carlie?

GoddessCarlie.com is run by Carlie, a young Australian university student who is passionate about learning Japanese and Japanese culture. She doesn’t really have anything exciting to say about herself, and occasionally talks about herself in third person. If you would like to know more about her, feel free to contact her with a question, so that she can add more to this page.

Why “GoddessCarlie”?

Well… it’s been my “nickname” on the web for yonks, so why not?

Contacting Carlie

If you need to contact me, please do so in one of the comments!

GoddessCarlie.com was born on 2007年5月13日.

Sorry, this page is a little messed up. I’ll get around to fixing it soon

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